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About Ray

Ray Yoga Studio is devoted in transforming your health into wealth though ancient but modern yoga science. We are first-of-its kind to introduce “Purna Kriya”, a combination of yogic practices. Our unique yoga flow “Purna Kriya” is designed considering the 5 elements of nature - earth, water, fire, air, and space to fulfill the requirements of original yoga. Our yoga instructor Ray Chakrabarti had the opportunity to learn original yoga in India since his childhood from renowned yoga gurus. Ray Yoga Studio is dedicated to provide original yoga to Ray Yogis. We are “Original from Origin”.
We do not provide robotic instructions at our yoga studios. Our instructor performs yoga with all other yogis. Live demo gives better understanding and make learning safer.
Each yoga class at our yoga studio is different. We do not repeat yoga poses at every class. We alternatively practise them to massage all our cells, release all our stress and remove all our diseases. Alternative yoga practises help our yogis to grow through the yoga journey instead go through. In our competition free environment yogis build up unlimited collaboration with instructor and peers.