Clean Your Home Office With EcoForce

Clean Your Home Office With EcoForce

Now, look here … home office and indeed house cleaning can be down-right boring, but you can get perked up when you’re using the right products – such as the EcoForce range of everyday, affordable, household products made from recycled materials.


For example, why dip your hands in hot soapy [or grimy for that matter] dishwater, instead use the Dishmatic fillable washing up sponge scourer which comes with a replaceable head.

As well as having clothes pegs, peg baskets and clothes line, recycled food bag grips, recycled dusters, cloths, sponges and scourers, all EcoForce products are made with at least 90% recycled waste.

That is something that most home workers and home business owners take to heart. Let’s face it working at home or being a home based business is the most eco-friendly way of working, so presumably recycling and having a low carbon footprint is high on any home office list.

Take a simple thing like a peg basket … EcoForce’s peg basket is made in the EU from 94% recycled plastic and has a unique stackable design. Making recycled plastic uses 70% less energy than making virgin plastic and products such as EcoForce perform just as well, if not better, than alternatives made from virgin plastic. There are no metal parts to rust, no wood to stain clothes and the pegs are extremely tough and grip clothes even in the windiest of weather.  They are British made from British waste.

While these kinds of stats simply waft over most heads, some home offices who are seriously concerned with preserving our planet stop to listen.

The EcoForce range is available in Sainsbury, Tesco, Morrison, Waitrose, Oxfam, Homebase, B & Q, Dunelm Mill and Ocado on line so don’t resort to the el-cheapos when it comes to cleaning, instead clean up your home office knowing you have done your little bit to reduce your carbon footprint by using good old fashioned recycled cleaning products.

We all need to do our bit for the environment so why not go green when you clean with EcoForce, a range of practical and effective household cleaning products made from recycled materials that are greener, more sustainable and more environmentally friendly than alternatives made from virgin plastic.

The heavy duty pads are contoured for easy grip and … believe it or not … made from recycled PET plastic bottles. They are great for cleaning tough, baked on mess pretty damn quickly.

Clean your home office with EcoForce

So next time you get down to a bit ‘o spring-cleaning and you’re in your local supermarket ask if they have EcoForce’s award-winning products so you can clean green! And Easy-Do Products is a privately-owned, family run business first established in 1968 that designs and manufactures two ranges Dishmatic and EcoForce so you’re in good hands!

iHubbub’s home office all time EcoForce fav is the super absorbent, quilted, multipurpose cloths made from high quality recycled materials.  These cloths are extra soft, Z-stitched for strength and machine washable at 40°C.  They can be used wet or dry and they are just the best thing for wiping surfaces.

iHubbub Quote

"We are so in love with the quilted cloths – they wipe so easily and glides over surfaces, ideal for all sorts of general cleaning. A must have in every home office!"



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