Irish Ferries Bussiness Travel Review

Irish Ferries Bussiness Travel Review

Before you take the normal business travel route that could immediately spring to mind when you’re off on a business trip to Dublin or anywhere in Ireland, why not compare the difference between taking a bustling flight with peaceful remote-broadband working while ‘sailing’ with Irish Ferries.


iHubbub decided to test this idea out and we found it far less stressful and hurried than darting in and out of airport terminals. I am posting this review from the middle of nowhere … no, that’s not actually true. I am in the middle of the Irish Sea! And it’s a glorious day with far reaching views from my sky-high perch in Club Class.

Home business or remote working travelling with Irish Ferries


Irish Ferries really work hard to keep passengers happy and comfy during their sailing with lots of clean and comfy areas of entertainment, rest and relaxation, as well as polite, friendly and extremely attentive staff. And plenty to eat and drink options – even special catering and rest areas for long-haul drivers.

If we weren’t already booked into Club Class and if we had a young family with us we may have ended up in the funky on-board cinema! Or it would have been tempting to sit on one of the three-tiered terraces which are very ‘Riviera’ like, in the sun and out of the wind on the sailing over to Rosslare.

From the 1st April Irish Ferries have included free wi-fi in the Motorists Bar and Boylan’s Brasserie so if you don’t want to go Club Class (although I can’t see why anyone wouldn’t want this superior option) you can still access emails and your online business and be online all the way to Ireland and back with free wi-fi.

Depending on your business needs over in Ireland you can decide if you want to take a short, fast hop from Holyhead to Dublin which only takes just under 2 hours port to port. Or cruise at your leisure with a four hour trip from Pembroke to Rosslare or between Holyhead and Dublin. Check out the routes and sailing times from Holyhead to Dublin or Pembroke to Rosslare.Home business or remote working travelling with Irish Ferries

By booking your Club Class seat prior to arrival it gives you a flashy priority badge which gets you in the fast queue.

First on and first off is most helpful. Take advantage of this VIP treatment with tea and coffee on tap and a cold buffet of snacks. Club Class gives you express boarding, reserved seating, complimentary snacks and drinks and newspapers in an exclusive lounge bar.

Best of all you have power points for laptops and mobiles or iPads. Now that I’ve tried it and loved it, I don’t think I can ever sail ‘normally’ again!


The two and four bed cabins, all with en-suite facilities, are ideal for anyone wanting a little kip during the four hour journey, but the double bed rooms really take the cake with the most magnificent views from the front of the ship.

On a fine sunny day I wouldn’t bother to sleep, I’d sit in the little window seat and day dream of journeying across the seas. If you’d prefer complete solitude and total peace and quiet you can choose this option to work offline because I couldn’t find any power points in the room.

I was pretty surprised at the size of the rooms. I didn’t imagine they’d be so roomy, but then when you pull up alongside Isle of Inishmore before boarding you can see the colossal size of her. Another pleasant discovery was the beds – very comfy and much better than the sponge-ball mattress at the hotel we stayed in. Drifting off to sleep gave me a strange sensation of being rocked to sleep.

Not that the bed was actually moving, only - of course - the boat under it was moving so it gave a gentle underlying feeling of being rocked in a cradle. Odd I know! If only I had one of those at home! Happily enough sleep came easily and thankfully I had remembered to set the mobile alarm so I wouldn’t get left on board.

In a way you could easily call Isle of Inishmore a floating hotel except the difference is clearly the wide sea views. These ‘hotel’ views are second to none!


From iHubbub’s point of view Club Class is worth every penny of the upgrade [£16 per person each way] for a small business owner or start-up entrepreneur. You can keep an eye on your business while you’re away with your family and be fully online and connected. Or you can communicate in an unhurried environment if you’re going solus or with a few business colleagues.

Quite a few other remote workers were tip tapping on laptops, surfing the net … at sea … and others were just chilling and taking in the view. Club Class is like a ‘home office from home office’. We had a developer meeting while relaxing in the quiet luxurious lounge and staring out at the panoramic views!

Apart from the developer meeting, we found this time ideal for catching up with emails to action and doing productive work while being plugged into power points to keep our kit powered up for the road journey ahead.

Irish Ferries also have frequent traveller deals if you have to hop over to Ireland on a regular basis or you can a sail-rail. If you need to rent a car find out about Ireland’s Car Rental from Thrifty, which offers all its customers a cheap car hire service or check out Europcar’s corporate accounts in their business centre. You can take a walk on fare for £28 one way or £79 plus a car. Find out prices and seasonal offers on the home page.

While we were blessed with a calm crossing to Rosslare and a slightly choppy sea back to Pembroke, the Bursar explained that although the Isle of Inishmore is a 16-year-old lass, she often battles through severe gales and comes up trumps.

If the weather’s bad the en-suite rooms could be awfully tempting – catch up on emails or catch a few zzz’s. Mmm, what a choice-juggle!

Home business or remote working travelling with Irish Ferries

iHubbub Quote

Good weather or bad, we couldn’t find fault with this type of business travelling. After this useful time to work and stay connected and online, iHubbub definitely recommends travelling with Irish Ferries!



Price: 8
Value: 9
User Friendly: 9