Thrifty Car Hire Review

Thrifty Car Hire Review

iHubbub decided to hire a car for a business meeting in Dublin centre with timing issues and the wet weather! We were rather apprehensive with hiring a car in Dublin because we hadn't driven in Dublin before and needed to make sure we got to our morning meeting on time. So car hire was the best option!


Having pre-booked a rental car at Dublin Airport online, we had already ordered a GPS device to ensure we didnt waste time getting lost.

Finding the Thrifty rental desk at Dublin Airport was really easy, coming out to the main arrivals hall and turn left and there was the sign! Upon arrival at the desk, the staffs were smiling and welcoming.

Name, booking reference number, a couple of standard forms (insurance, terms and conditions) and then a shuttle bus picked us up soon after whisking us off to the Thrifty depot down the road to collect the rental car.  

The whole process was quick and a smooth experience. So what about the car?

The beast in question turned out to be a black Ford Focus with GPS installed - most useful. Turn the key, rev the engine and head down the highway ... okay so this really wasn't a scene in an American film, but we were heading toward the city centre pretty damn quick.

Meeting after meeting, darting to and fro turned into a breeze. Why can't we have one of these smooth 'beasts' at home!

Dropping the car off was puddy sticks - with the sat nav telling us exactly where to go. If you decide not to hire a GPS device, have no fear, the Thrifty depot staff do give you a free map of Dublin and guidance on which routes to take. 

Handing the keys back was the hardest part. Why should giving back a car rental key be so difficult! Mmm, we clung to them, wanting to take the clean-smelling, no kids-clutter, no dog-hairs interior home. It felt like one of those 'here have the keys - no, I want to keep them' moments that should only be imagined between a rebel teen and a determined parent.  Well, in the end, the determined parent, in this case Thrifty, won. It was their car after all. And how did we ever imagine getting the beastly Focus on the plane with us. Sigh ...

Shuttle bus back to the Dublin airport terminals and flying home was next. not only do a car rental location at Dublin Airport - they also serve customers at the main airports - Cork, Shannon, Knock, Kerry airports and also Dublin Centre. So if your travels take you anywhere in Ireland, they're the guys to grab when you book your flight.

The CarHire staff works hard to keep their customers happy and ensures to get them on the road quickly. They also work hard to keep their cars from unsuspecting rogues (like us) who enjoy the ride so much that they want to keep it.

iHubbub would recommend Car Rental whether for a business services or even a personal rental to visit lovely Dublin!



Price: 8
Value: 8
User Friendly: 9