Sole trader and owner of Crystal Vine

Home Business, United Kingdom.

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About Sara

My current love is passing on the right fine quality minerals, opals, diamonds, jewellery etc. to the right people at affordable prices. I travel abroad to buy my stock and am therefore looking for the right customers. Are you one?

I have always had a fascination with minerals and realised a dream when I had the opportunity to become a professional mineral dealer in the year 2000. I had traded previously since 1996 but only part time as I still worked as a teacher. Several re-organisations led to me becoming very jaded with the educational system and it no longer reflected who I had become as a person, so I took redundancy, applied myself full time to my Crystal Vine business and have not looked back since.

I became interested in the spiritual way of living and looking at life in 1987 and became a healer with the NFSH and also a crystal healer with the SVA. I do not actively engage in healing sessions now but incorporate my experience and natural connection in my day to day dealings with people I come into contact with.

My business has evolved over the years as new lines have been added and old ones expanded. I have contacts with so many miners and people abroad that I can source almost anything mineral. I would love to help businesses looking for certain items, anything from architectural pieces to small items for healers or jewellers, and anything inbetween.

My latest range to be added is magnetic jewellery from Energetix (Bingen), a German MLM company. This superbly made range not only looks elegant and stylish but may help with many health conditions too.