Link Building

Link Building

Link Building

Link Building

How to build a link exchange

1.    Search for keywords that are relevant to your search words.

2.    Set up an excel document with all kinds of similar and complimentary sites that you can contact. They don’t only have to be businesses that are in your trade such as other competitor companies, they can also be suppliers such as a business that supplies specific items within your industry sector or other people practising something similar to your service.

3.    Think laterally about this and then search for companies that you can contact.

4.    You can also look on competitors sites and see if they are linking to anyone and then write to those companies to ask for a link exchange. Try this through as well - find your competitor, see who links to them and ask for a swap of links.

Four ways to start building links

1.    Link exchanges – you ask other sites to exchange links with you. This means you will have to set up a page on your site with links such as this one: It is not the best way, but easy enough to do quickly.

2.    Articles and blogs – join and you will find lots of bloggers and websites looking to exchange links. They also actively look for article writers. If you cannot write articles or blogs or don’t have time, you can find copywriters on and

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