Award Categories

Before entering the Top 100 Home Business Awards, check these Award Categories to be sure you are entering the correct award for you and your home business.

For each award category below, you will be asked 2 questions:

  • Bedrock: About your business
  • Pizazz: Your energetic personality and why you're the best

When you have gone through the categories below with a fine tooth-comb, be sure to pop over and find out how to enter the Top 100 Home Business Awards.


Please look carefully through all the details when the awards open for entries!

PLEASE NOTE 2: Each award category asks for different criteria. Be sure you answer the criteria with your application to get your best application in front of our judges.

PLEASE NOTE 3: the award categories not yet sponsored are not final and may be cancelled if we don't get a sponsor for them. If you would like to sponsor one of the awards, please find more information here.


Best Freelancer Best Family Business
Best Online Business Best Home Blog
Most Inspiring Business Person Best Home Based Franchisee
Best Home Based Business Team Most Popular Business Person


Best Family Business

Running a business with a husband or partner, daughter or son, mother or father or any combination will show our judges how important your family is when it comes to business and pleasure.

Glam Family sponsoring the Top 100 Home Business Awards

Anyone running a business aimed at families will also be able to excite us by showing their unique family focused products or service.

Powered By Glam Family.

Find out more details and how to enter the Best Family Business Award.


Best Home Based Business Team

Small home based business showing fast business growth due to technology aids with a remote working team that use and rely on technology to communicate and collaborate with clients and their business team should enter this award.

Your business team could be young at heart and expanding at the seams and made up of a 1 to 5 people working full or part time within your business. Or your team could be an established team bursting with an energetic team of more than 10 people doing all manner of things for your business.

Powered by KolabBest Home Based Business Team

Find out more details and how to enter the Best Home Based Business Team Award.


Best Online Business

Whether you run a website to sell your home-made products or sell items through eBay and Amazon or Etsy, you should enter this award.WebSiteX5 by Incomedia sponsoring the Best Online Business Award

We're also looking for tech-savvy website owners who use their website to sell their products or services. Any unique technologies and creative innovations will impress our judges.

Powered by WebSite X5

Find out more details and how to enter the Best Online Business Award.


Best Freelancer

Freelancers running their business at home have the chance to shout out about their success and amaze our judging panel with their unique approach to running a flexible freelance home business. 

Powered By Arise

Arise sponsoring the Top 100 Home Business Awards

Find out more details and how to enter the Best Freelancer Award.


Best Home Based Franchisee

Franchisees who actively involve themselves in their community while running their home based franchise. Being an inspiration to others will impress our judges.

Powered By What Franchise

Find out more details and how to enter the Best Home Based Franchisee Award.


Best Home Blog

Bloggers passionate about their home blog who share their experiences on running a home based blogging business must show how blogging has engaged an audience and earned an income. My Blog Guest sponsoring The Best Home Blogging Business Award

Share some of your ‘secrets’ to impress our judges.

Find out more details and how to enter the Best Blogging Business Award.



Most Inspiring Business Person

Anyone who has struggled against adversity to set up their home based business could triumph with this award. Share your amazing story with our judges and visitors.

Be sure to explain what hills you have had to climb to start and run your home based business.

You will also need to show how you overcame any obstacles, who supported you through all this, what made you successful despite any overwhelming odds and why you should be crowned as the Babyworld sponsoring the Top 100 Home Business AwardsMost Inspiring Business Person Award.

Powered By Babyworld.

Find out more details and how to enter the Most Inspiring Business Person Award.


Most Popular Business Person

Show your popularity by getting the most votes ~anyone entering any of the other awards above can also select to enter this award.

This is not a stand-alone award; the entrant must be entering one of the amost popular business personbove categories.

The person who gets the most votes from their Facebook fans, Twitter followers and social networking friends and colleagues will set the standard as the Most Popular Business Person.

Powered by iHubbub.

Find out more details and how to enter the Most Popular Business Person Award.