Free Awards Publicity

By entering your home business in our Top 100 Awards, you’ll receive free publicity and exposure in the media and mucho kudos for your business.

The best stories are always the ones that get noticed by the media. During the awards programme iHubbub will be hunting down all the best stories to help you get into your local papers.

That is why you should spend a bit of time thinking and chewing on your category application question before you enter.

Not only will the best ones impress our judges, but they will also outshine any dull entries when we come searching for PR stories. Yours may even get noticed by the national newspapers.

How To Get Free Awards PR

Once you have entered the awards and you are confident you have given your application your best shot follow this guide to get free publicity for your business.

1. Download the PR Release Template. The template will be questions about you and your business. Using the template as your guide, complete all the details giving it as much human interest as possible.

2. Send your template to us using the subject line: PR Template: Award Category: Your Name. So, for example, your subject line could look like this: PR Template: Best Home Business Startup: Paula Wynne. Send it to this address [prtemplates [at] ihubbub [dot] com].

3. Find out all the suitable local publications in your area that may be interested in your story and give you free publicity - from newspapers to regional magazines. Get the editor's name and email and send that to us with the template answers listed above.

4. We will create your PR release and send the PR release to the editors in your local area. If we have any names of editors in your area, we will send your PR Release to them as well.

5. We will copy you so you can follow up the editors by calling them to be sure they received your release. Most often a PR Release could land in a generic email which is viewed by many journalists and your release may not catch the correct editor's eye. If you found a personal email for your local editor - all the better!

6. When you are successful and receive free publicity - please send us the link or local paper clipping so we can feature it in our news and shout out about your PR success to our visitors and members.

Give Your Business A Publicity Boost

Find out more about getting your business some free publicity.

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