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Reasons Why You Need a Mediator In The Division of Marital Property

Upon completing a divorce, many issues arise, one of them being the division of marital property. The division of marital property can be very complicated, and it is best to seek legal advice from an advocate and a divorce mediation service near you.

It is only right that we know some of the reasons we need a mediator in the division of marital property.

The Complexity Of The Matter

Marital property is all property acquired by the couple during their marriage. The property can also include properties acquired separately but later converted and jointly owned by the couple.

Without adequate legal advice and an expert mediator, there is bound to be confusion and misunderstandings on what property should be considered marital property.

It is important that before the marital property is divided, the parties distinguish their separate properties from the marital property to avoid any future regrets and conflicts, or dissatisfaction from the parties.

The conversion of property from either separate to marital property or vise versa occurs through different ways, which include:


Under transmutation, separate property is transferred into marital property. It may be done by transferring the property's title into joint names or gifting the separate property to the other spouse.


It is another way through which separate property is transformed into marital property. When the spouses share a joint bank account, it would be difficult to distinguish the separate funds.

To understand and deal with the complicated issues of divorce, you should always engage the services of a professional.

At We Resolve Disputes - Mediation, we have experienced professionals who will guide you in the entire process.

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