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Check out all the exciting new developments happening on iHubbub's home business network! It’s now easier to get and give advice, tips, ideas from other members – connecting has never been simpler!

At the drop of a pin you can find other members, other helpful services and other home businesses by using our new members’ map. You can use the map to introduce your skills and your business to all who visit the iHubbub site – use it to find new clients and new work projects.

Or you can take a QUICK TOUR around iHubbub!

Find out what's new ... each month we'll be adding new things you can do on iHubbub to increase your online profile and get new business leads.

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Appear On Our Home Page

Please note that your profile will not show on our home page and our search pages unless you have completed your profile as shown below.

Once your profile is complete your pop up on our map will be far more informative to other members and visitors searching our site.

Check out how you can get a great looking pin or search our map to see for yourself.


Be Visible On Our Search Pages

You will not be visible on our home page unless you have completed your job title and uploaded an image. Upload & Edit An Image >> and Add Title >>

You will not be visible on our search pages until you have added an industry term category in which you want to be found.
Add Category >> and a location Add Location >>

Click 'Add or Edit Terms and select a category, which will enable you to be found in our search pages. See for yourself by searching freelancers or searching home businesses.


New Pin Pop Up

You don't have to add a pin to our map to get visible - all you have to do is join and complete your profile. Of course, you can add extra details about your portfolio or other business interests as pins if you want, either as an extra pin or into your 'About Me' when you complete your profile.

By joining you will be pinning your business details to our home business map to get new clients.

Your pin will show off:

  • your business profile
  • an image of you or your business logo
  • your location and how you can be contacted
  • any business product images
  • and lots of details about what you do
  • a link to your profile on iHubbub
  • and links to your website or social media networks

When our visitors click your 'pin' on the map a pop up 'post-it note' opens to give details and then links back to your profile. Check it out for yourself.

Put your home business or freelancing business on the map

Find out more about using our pin power to get new clients.

Search UK Home Businesses

Search for home business entrepreneurs around the UK who have pinned their home business  to our home business start up map.

To find UK Home Business Owners - you can search by Industry Sector and by County.


Search UK Freelancers

When you next need to outsource some freelancing tasks, search for freelancers around the UK who have pinned their freelance consultancy to our freelance map.

To find freelancers - you can search by Industry Sector and by County.



Save Your Favourites

Save your favourite photos, pins, members, special offers and any other content you find on iHubbub's home business and freelancing network. Just hit the save button and find it inside your account when next you're looking for a freelancer or home business entrepreneur.

Watch this quick video to find out more ...




Share your photos - from home working pets, to your home office interior or garden exterior, your humourous funnies and most importantly -  your business products and services. It's all go in our Photo Galleries. Get help on uploading images.

And your images are spread across the site - see if you can spot yours on the right column?

Watch this quick video to find out how you can add your business photos ...




You can now follow any member of iHubbub and have them follow you back. Just click the follow button under their profile image. Find out more about following other home business members.

Find and Connect to new home working or home business people in your area in the following ways:

1. Check out our map on our Home Page to find people in your area.
2. Browse through our Members area and view our member profiles.
3. Check to see if there are any interesting Pins in your region.
4. As you come across a like-minded member - follow and share your business interests with them.

Once you're following other home business entrepreneurs or our freelance members, you can hit the 'Activities' link in your profile and see what messages they are sending you. And you can share comments and feedback to them.

  • To send a message to a member, add '@' in front of their username.
  • To create a searchable keyword in your message, add a '#' in front of the keyword.

Go ahead and try sharing now!

Pin Your Business To Our Map

You can add as many Pins to our map as you want which will be featured on our home page map and in our Pins area.Pin your home business or freelance consultancy to iHubbub's map!

Check out these Pins
Business Services
Home Business


Get visible ... pin yourself to iHubbub's home business map so potential new customers can find your business! Tell them what you do, where you do it and how you can be contacted with images and links to your products or services. You can also search our map to find other services that might be useful to you.

Take a quick tour around iHubbub or find out how to add your home business or freelance consultancy to our map.

Start pinning to win some fabulous home business start-up tools




Your new-look profile now showcases you and all of your business interests.  When you add a new pin it is featured in our Pins section and on your profile so any visitors landing on your page will find out all about your portfolio career and multiple business interests.

Make sure your profile is up to date. Take a look at these links to help you get ahead:

http://ihubbub.com/getting-started and http://ihubbub.com/complete-your-profile.

Please make sure you check out your profile in our Members area to see how you look to our visitors. Remember - no image, no branding!


Your Dashboard

Your Dashboard is now easier to navigate to find your business and personal links - you will also see where you can edit your account and upload an image. Any other questions should be answered in our Help section.


Special Offers

Advertise your business start up special offer at no charge on iHubbub. You can add your home business products, home made crafts or freelance services ... or any business service your home based business runs.

And then be promoted across iHubbub to our visitors and members. Find out how to add your special offer through your profile. You must be a Silver Member to do this, but you can claim yours now: http://ihubbub.com/special-offers

Watch this quick video to find out how to advertise your business special offers ...