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About white

"White Cub is India's pioneering vegan ice cream brand led by Ms. Sonal, Director Compassionate Choices Pvt Ltd and CEO White Cub.
Our combined efforts have also helped us win PETA Vegan Foods Awards over two successive years. WhiteCub is India's first Cholesterol Free, Trans Fat-Free, and certified dairy-free ice cream Brand. At White Cub, we believe that being dairy-free goes beyond deliciousness & we strive to do so with compassion.

The successful journey began in 2012 when the company got registered and started delivering ice creams straight from the factory. White Cub is a proud owner of 3 parlors in Gurgaon and Delhi. Soon it was launched in retail stores in Mumbai, Pune, and Hyderabad.
White Cub combines the goodness of taste and health to deliver only the best. Since its inception, White Cub has maintained high-quality standards in satiating the cravings of the people.